6 Recuitment Lessons We Can Learn From Olympic Sports

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Between athletes’ availability challenges and qualification requirements, managing the national Olympics team is much like a business recruitment process. You need to watch carefully what you have at your disposal and make sure you place the right people where you need them the most.

Inspired by this year’s very special Olympic games in Tokyo, we came up with six important recruitment pieces of advice you should keep in mind to improve your selection process.

Stimulate Top Talents

Novak Djokovic, throughout his astonishing career, managed to snatch every trophy a tennis player could wish for, all but one – the Olympics tennis tournament. There’s no money for players that win the Olympics tennis tournament and while patriotism and prestige have their influence, top tier tennis players often save their energy during the Olympic games for matches that bring ATP points and loads of prize money.

The lesson here is to stimulate valuable candidates with lucrative salaries, perks, and bonuses for professional achievements if you wish to hire a professional with multiple job offers.

Look Out for Candidates who Graduated from Top-Rated Universities 

China has an outstanding table tennis culture that nurtures talents and helps each generation overcome the achievements of the previous national team. Serbian water polo team is always a podium candidate, a role they owned even this year by defending Olympic gold they won in the previous tournament.

Certain universities have a tradition of educating world-class experts, and knowing you have a candidate with impeccable academic background makes the recruitment process less challenging.

Offer Career Growth Assurances

Sports injuries are a common threat that every athlete is aware of and works hard to avoid. We’ve seen some NBA superstars as well as high-grossing professionals from other sports not joining their national teams because they wanted to stay fresh and healthy when the Olympic games are closed, and their club season begins.

Imagine offering a full-time employed essay writer a part-time position that endangers that person’s position at their current post. Always offer a stable future to those who are already engaged, don’t lose talent because your offer doesn’t seem like a secure career path, especially if you’re trying to recruit a young professional.

Seek Candidates with a Proven Track Record in a Particular Field

We could see many individual athletes this year coming to the Olympics only to prove their dominance in the last four years. Track and field competitors work hard to win international tournaments, World cups, and national championships only for their form to reach its peak in the Olympic tournament, so they simply get there to pick up the medal they worked for in the last four years.

If you wish to fill your talent pool with candidates that would deliver the highest professional results to your clients, search among those that already have a proven track record.

All-Star Teams Don’t Guarantee a Medal 

Gathering the best experts in their respective fields and expecting magic to happen on its own is a folly that led astray many recruitment specialists. Workflow depends on the professional capacity of your team but without positive energy, good communication, and the ability to compromise you’ll have a group of expensive workers that don’t provide proper results.

Keep in mind that you need to forge a team of people that look beyond their titles, achievements, and egos.

Don’t Hesitate to Hire a Novice if You Recognize Potential

This year we’ve seen a plethora of young athletes, some of whom are still in their mid-teens, winning medals despite their talents being contested by their more experienced counterparts. Many of these teenagers were unknown to the general public but some close observers noticed their potential since the start of the tournament.

Keep an eye out at all times for those rising stars who are looking for their chance to shine, your clients would be forever in your debt if you recognize a candidate with notable professional capacity.


These were some of the ways to improve your recruitment process based on what the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games have thought us. Always seek new ways to facilitate your work process, there are even more sources for inspiration beyond Olympics for this purpose. Look for hidden gems and lure in-demand talents with lucrative offers, but most importantly always try to build a functional team that can prosper through cooperation.


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